Etihad Airways will plant one mangrove tree for every Economy Space seat

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, Etihad Airways has committed to adopting a mangrove tree for each guest booking an Economy Space seat. As part of the Etihad Forest initiative, Etihad will create a network of mangroves and other forests in Abu Dhabi and around the world. This will protect biodiversity, wildlife, and the environment. Etihad Mangrove Forest is expected to plant 182,000 mangroves by the first quarter of 2023 in Abu Dhabi. This is before planting new forests worldwide in the next phase of the programme.

Etihad Airways will plant one mangrove tree for every Economy Space seatIt is estimated that mangroves remove up to four times more carbon dioxide from the air than other tropical forests. This reduces coral bleaching and coastline degradation caused by climate change, while supporting biodiversity and wildlife as an essential habitat for fish, birds, and other animals. Each economy space seat purchased on any Etihad Airways flight will result in a mangrove tree being planted in Abu Dhabi. A single mangrove will absorb 250kg of CO2 in its lifetime, the same amount as an eight-hour flight.

Within ten days of flying, guests who book an Economy seat will receive confirmation of their mangrove tree in the Etihad Forest. With the email link, guests can virtually visit and view photos and other details of their tree, confirming their recent travel carbon offset. It is possible for guests to register their claimed tree in order to revisit their tree at a later time. Etihad guests can chat with their chatbot-enabled trees using the platform’s app, while also having access to satellite maps and data, including CO2 consumption metrics.

There is plenty of legroom in economy class, as well as more space for relaxing. Guests can reserve a seat in Economy Space when booking their ticket or at any time until check-in on Etihad-operated flights. Economy Space can be booked online, under manage my booking when checking in or at the airport. Etihad Guest Platinum members can reserve a seat in Economy Space for free or save 50% as an Etihad Guest Gold member.

The Etihad Forest initiative can also be enjoyed by guests staying in other cabins using Etihad Guest Miles in the Reward Shop. Bundled offset options are available through the Corporate Conscious Choices programme to meet corporate partner requirements. Etihad Mangrove Forest is the culmination of multiple joint programmes between Etihad, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, Jubail Island, The Storey Group and other partners in support of mangrove conservation initiatives in the nation, as well as developing new natural resources and sinks to remove carbon from the atmosphere in accordance with the principle Abu Dhabi for the World.