JIDU Makes Its Debut at Mobility Live ME 2024, Showcasing the Future of AI-Enabled Intelligent Mobility

ABU DHABI, UAE, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Setting sail for the world, a brilliant emblem of China’s intelligent automotive industry steps into the Middle East. On April 30th, JIDU made a significant appearance at Mobility Live ME 2024, with its AI-equipped pure electric SUV JIYUE 01 for the first time overseas, demonstrating the technological prowess of Chinese intelligent vehicles in the region. This comes after JIDU’s recent participation at Auto China 2024, marking the brand’s initial foray into an international auto exhibition as a representation of China’s AI technological innovation in the automotive sector, showcasing the future of AI-enabled intelligent mobility.

JIDU made a significant appearance at Mobility Live ME 2024

JIYUE 01 Debuts in the UAE, Signifying a Bright Future for Chinese Intelligent Vehicles

The Mobility Live ME 2024, a two-day event held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, is one of the most prominent specialized exhibitions in the new energy vehicle sector in the Middle East. As the capital of the UAE and a focal point for the NEV industry, Abu Dhabi serves as a policy-making hub and the largest market for these vehicles. With the launch of numerous NEVs and the push for eco-friendly transportation strategies, the UAE has emerged as a rapidly growing market for electric cars.

JIDU is a ROBOCAR startup between Chinese tech giant Baidu and car manufacturer Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Focused on engineering, R&D, and commercialization of advanced autonomous driving and human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies, the company aims to create human-centric ROBOCARs.

JIDU’s first ROBOCAR JIYUE 01 is known for its striking design, excellent driving experience, and advanced intelligence. Empowered by Baidu’s comprehensive AI large model technology and Geely’s SEA vast architecture, JIYUE 01 became the first model globally to integrate an AI large model in a vehicle, and the sole Chinese and one of only two global models offering high-level autonomous driving based on visual perception and exceptional handling experience.

JIYUE 01 showcased in Galaxy Purple and Mars Orange

At Mobility Live ME 2024, JIYUE 01 showcased in Galaxy Purple and Mars Orange, along with the brand’s charging stations. The model gained wide recognition for its exceptional robot-inspired aesthetics and intellectualization capabilities.

JIDU’s international foray has set a new standard for AI-empowered automobiles in the region, opening a new window for the Middle East to understand Chinese intelligent vehicles, and opening doors for more Chinese intelligent vehicles to enter overseas markets. Looking forward, JIDU will actively expand its global footprints, showcasing the innovative concept of ROBOCAR worldwide, and striving to create a relaxing, liberating, and secure smart-tech travel experience for users worldwide.

Focusing on both Domestic and International Markets, JIDU Ushers in a New Era of AI-Driven Mobility

More than just a vehicle, JIDU ROBOCAR models have become integral to users’ lives. With the deep integration of AI large models in SIMO, it offers a more natural voice interaction transforming users’ habits. Presently, JIDU users have a daily average voice interaction penetration rate of 98%, with each car averaging around 63 interactions per day. As a representative of China’s pure vision intelligent driving technology, approximately 90% of users utilize JIDU’s PPA intelligent driving system. JIYUE 01 also won the champion title in the City NOA Challenge at the 2nd China Intelligent Driving Competition in Beijing.

at Auto China 2024

JIDU models are ever-evolving and becoming smarter with each use. Since its launch, JIYUE 01 has offered monthly OTA updates, enabling users to “drive a new car every month”. The upcoming V1.5.0 software update will be fully rolled out, with PPA intelligent driving available for trial in 100 cities. Yet another evolved version of the JIYUE 01 is soon to debut. It’s the first model to feature Baidu Maps V20 SR intelligent driving edition. By 2024, JIDU’s PPA intelligent driving will be usable “nationwide,” wherever Baidu Maps can navigate.

In China, customers purchasing the JIYUE 01 will also benefit from a limited-time promotional offer, including a lifetime free subscription to the advanced high-level autonomous driving based on visual perception.

In China, the Auto China 2024 is still in full swing, with JIDU showcasing its latest lineup. The brand’s second model – an AI-powered all-electric sedan, JIYUE 07, made its debut, winning the title of “Most Beautiful 7 Series” with its artful Chinese original design.

“Most Beautiful 7 Series" JIYUE 07 made its debut at Auto China 2024

In the new model JIYUE 07, classic elements from automotive design history are blended seamlessly with AI technology, eliminating traditional door handles, rooftop lidar, and other complex components. Adopting a sleek design with the golden ratio, it creates a technically minimalistic yet dynamic appearance of ROBOCAR. Remarkably, the model boasts an impressive drag coefficient of 0.198, setting a new benchmark for aerodynamic efficiency among its peers.

JIYUE 07 has been honored with two top global design awards, the German Red Dot and IF prizes, for its artistic Chinese original design. To date, JIDU ROBOCAR has won three of the most prestigious design awards in the industry, including the Red Dot Design Award (Germany), the iF Design Award (Germany), and the GOOD DESIGN Award (Japan), collectively covering a wide range of categories and recognizing JIDU’s excellence in 15 distinct honors. Chinese Original Design Triumphs at the Pinnacle of World Design.

CATL Chairman and CEO Zeng Yuqun highly praised the JIYUE 07 right after its debut, publicly stating that this model is fabulous, and he’ll take the first one.

Whether domestically or internationally, as a pioneer in intelligence, JIDU ROBOCAR consistently showcase cutting-edge AI technology. In the era of smart cars 3.0, with AI large models serving as its core, JIDU aims to drive the evolution of the intelligent automotive industry.

About JIDU

JIDU is a ROBOCAR startup officially established in March 2021 between Chinese tech giant Baidu and car manufacturer Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Focused on the engineering, R&D, and commercialization of advanced autonomous driving and human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies, the company aims to create human-centric ROBOCARs, giving people more space and time to unlock more possibilities. As a pioneer in ROBOCAR, JIDU is establishing a new standard for intelligent vehicles through its cutting-edge autonomous driving capabilities and highly sophisticated HCI capabilities, creating a new category of mass-produced intelligent vehicle products.

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